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As a ski instructor for over 15 years, one of my favorite things to do is explain something in a way that helps a person grasp a new concept, make a change in their skiing, and have more fun. A natural next step is to share these same ideas via the written word. I leave out all the technical jargon and explain skiing in simple, straightforward English with a dash of humor. Skiing is fun, right? Reading about it should be too.
Four Fundamentals Moguls Made Easy Sprucing up your Parallel Turns
All the Right Moves: Four Fundamental Principles that Define Good Skiing
Carve, March 2014
Moguls Made Easy
Carve, February 2014
Sprucing up your Parallel Turns
Carve, December 2013
The Great One in Backcountry Magazine Chasing Volcanoes
The Great One: Montana's Summertime Chill Zone
Backcountry Magazine, July 25, 2014
Chasing Volcanoes: Kick Starting Ski Season in the Far South
Carve, March 2014
Skiing Powder vs Groomers

Ready for the Ridge?

Assembling the Ultimate Ski Quiver
Powder vs. Groomer
Carve, January 2013
Ready for the Ridge?
Carve, February 2013
Assembling the Ultimate Ski Quiver
Carve, February 2014
Self-Efficacy: Do you Believe you can be Successful?



Self Efficacy: Do You Believe You Can Be Successful?
32 Degrees, Winter 2012
Like most gardeners, I learned at the expense of sweat, dirt and labor-intensive mistakes. But after surviving a decade of Montana gardening, two stints on the Bozeman Garden Tour and more hailstorms than I care to remember, I'm enjoying passing along some of my favorite aspects of gardening. And I can stay clean while doing so.

Build a Rocky Mt. Stone Wall


Build a Rocky Mountain Stone Wall
Zone 4, Spring 2014

Science Education

Science education has been my career since 1993 when I began teaching geology at Skidmore College. My roles in education have included classroom teaching, online teaching, orchestrating and leading professional development workshops for college faculty, and educational web design and content development. Currently I am engaged in projects involving climate education, website usability, and innovative methods for teaching physics. Here is a summary of projects I focused on for the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College.
Arctic Climate Curriculum
Arctic Climate Curriculum
Three modules for high school science students to explore Arctic climate data. Developed in cooperation with CIRES - University of Colorado.
Climate dot gov screenshot
NOAA climate.gov
Usability Research
Evaluating the usability of the climate.gov portal to help inform NOAA's website design process.
Direct Measurement Videos
Direct Measurement Videos
Web designer
Using high-resolution videos to teach physics concepts.
Energy Literacy
Teaching Energy Literacy

Lead author
A set of 7 web pages to help educators teach the principles of Energy Literacy. Developed in cooperation with CLEAN.
Climate Literacy
Teaching Climate Literacy

A set of 7 web pages to help educators teach the principles of Climate Literacy. Developed in cooperation with CLEAN.
Building a workforce for a sustainable future
Workforce for a Sustainable Future

Lead author
Preparing students for careers in earth, environment, energy and sustainability.

The Lifestyle Project
The Lifestyle Project
Lead author
An innovative environmental challenge for students and citizens that redefines one's approach to resource use.

Affective Domain in the Classroom
The Affective Domain in the Classroom
Lead author
Tackling issues of motivation, self-efficacy and teaching controversial topics.

Articles in press:

Growing Year-Round Goodness in Your Greenhouse - Zone 4 Magazine

Understanding Motivation in Your Students and Yourself - 32 Degrees

Undergraduate Climate Education: Motivations, Strategies, Successes, and Support - Journal of Geoscience Education

Arctic Climate Connections Curriculum - A Model for Bringing Authentic Data into the Classroom- Journal of Geoscience Education

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Karin Kirk

Karin Kirk

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